4 Steps to Boosting Self Confidence
There is no doubt that self-confidence is one of the key ingredients of success. Without it, you are likely to have negative thoughts that can frustrate you and decrease your productivity. The secret is to undo the negative patterns of thoughts that are running in your mind. Here are a few tips.

Visualizations and Affirmation
More than 60 percent of our brains is concerned with visual processing. It is no wonder therefore that scientific studies have found visualizations to be an effective way to promote behavior change. These studies have shown that when we visualize ourselves doing a certain task we activate the same region of the brain that is activated when you actually do the task.

Start with a relaxation exercise and visualize the process rather than the goal. Visualize yourself in familiar environments such as your home, workplace or school. Couple the visualization exercise with affirmations. Do the affirmation and visualization exercise every day after a meditation session for best results.

Work on Your Self Image
How you walk, talk and stand can have an impact on your self-esteem and self-confidence levels. Smile more frequently. This makes both you and those around you feel more at ease. Talk slowly and clearly. Good grooming can also go a long way in boosting your confidence and self-esteem. Plan your speeches and tasks beforehand to avoid last-minute preparation that often makes one nervous. Make a habit of putting positive energy into your actions and you’ll notice your confidence improving in no time.

Understand Yourself
You need to understand yourself if you are going to reverse the negative thoughts running through your mind. Observe the negative thoughts by paying attention to them every time they arise. Write about your feelings in a journal. Every time you catch yourself saying something negative reframe with positive affirmations.