Your Destiny Awaits: Finding Your Purpose
Take your mind back to your hey days. What did you want to be when you grew up? Is that what you became or did your views change along the way? If you take a critical look at your choices, you may discover that you were never destined for the career you are in. External factors such as the job market’s preference or your mentor’s influence led you to what you became.

Are You Happy?
Take the paycheck out of the equation. Remove the perks that come with your job as well, and then ask the hard question, “Am I happy?” Only a handful will find joy and fulfillment in what they do on the daily. Does it mean that you change your job if it does not bring you joy? Well, bills have to be paid, and so that may not be applicable. You can still find your purpose while doing what you do.

Finding Your Purpose
The first step towards finding your purpose is by figuring what it is that makes you happy. What is it that you could do free of charge? Well, funny thing, most people cannot figure this out, which is where the need for a coach comes.

Positivity is the next step towards finding your purpose and living it happily. Hardly do we as humans blame ourselves when bad things happen. It is always another’s fault. What if you eliminated the blame game and embraced your failure when it happens? You would be surprised at the turn of events in your life. Taking responsibility makes one’s burden lighter and certainly improves relationships.
Gratitude is an integral part of finding your purpose and staying happy. Start each day with gratitude, and then offer your service with a smile. If you allow your heart to be happy and full of sunshine, negativity will not weigh you down. Nothing will.

Don’t Go It Alone
You may need help finding your calling and living productively. Nicole, a transformational coach, has been offering her services to people who seek their purpose and happiness in this vast world. Her programs are tailor-made to fit individual plans. Don’t struggle alone while you have a helping hand