My SECRET WEAPON for staying organized and relatively free from stress and anxiety is practicing and applying Feng Shui into all areas of my life.

Before I started practicing Feng Shui I was consistently feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, disorganized, disappointed, like I couldn’t get any real traction in any area of my life. I struggled to get my business off the ground and generating income. I felt like everything was always pulling me in many different directions. My home especially was always in constant disarray. It made it hard to work, especially since I do most of my work from home. Seeing the clutter and messes made me irritable too, not just me my kids could feel it too! I had gotten to the point that I knew something had to change but I didn’t know where to even being.

Now the first thing that I do when I start to feel any stress or anxiety creep back into my life is to do a quick Feng Shui check up and 9 times out of 10 that takes care of it!

Since then I have been studying and learning everything I can about Feng Shui, I am a fully qualified consultant and my clients share very similar results and success after our sessions!

What is Feng Shui and How Can it Help?

Translated Feng Shui means wind and water; it is an accident Chinese art and science that dates back over 3000 years.  The Ancient Chinese believe that wind and water are both associated with good fortune and prosperity.

As a Reiki Master I had a clear understanding of energy and how it affects us good or bad, I had also been very interest in expanding my knowledge of Feng Shui. So I had a very good friend of mine who is a Feng Shui consultant come over and access my home. I was blown away buy all the changes. I felt a shift right away as she began to align everything. That same evening I had received a call to set a date for a workshop that we had been working on for 2 month to book! I noticed huge improvements in all areas of my life including my kids. They definitely felt the energy shift and embraced all the positive changes we were making in our home and our lives. I recieved new exciting business opportunities with a couple weeks and created the space for much more abundance to enter my life and yes even a wonderful new relationship!

Feng Shui is the practice of using energy or (chi) to enhance and allow the natural energy to move throughout your home or space to improve all areas of your life.  Have you ever walked into a place and just felt really good, calm and relaxed?  That is one of the main benefits of Feng Shui.  Conversely had you ever walked into a space and instantly felt uneasy, agitated or just not good?  Feng Shui uses energy, the elements and compass directions to correct the flow of energy creating balance and harmony in the space.  When your space feels good, you naturally feel better and balanced, this leads to increased harmony, abundance, and prosperity in your life.

The practice of Feng Shui is to help balance and improve all areas of your life.  The main areas being your Centre (Heart), Relationships, Wealth, Career, Reputation, Family, Children/Creativity, Synchronicity, and Knowledge.  It’s important to understand that everything is connected, so if you having an issue in one area of your life chances are good that it is affecting other areas of your life as well.

Aside from placing the proper elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal) in the right directions you also have to look at the “stuff” you have in your space and how it makes you feel.  Is your home full of clutter?  Do you keep items out of guilt or obligation?  This also affects the energy in your home and needs to be addressed and clean up right away.  Even items that you think are small and harmless can be having a big impact on how you feel.

Do you constantly walk by a piece of furniture that you had with your ex?  Is it constantly reminding you of a failed relationship?  Are you struggling to find a new fulfilling relationship?  This all ties into the flow of energy around your space and how it can affect you.  What about those awards you received from a previous career that you left because it was unfulfilling and now you’re still struggling to find your new career or path.

How about your children, do you struggle at bedtime?  By looking at their personal directions many times by repositioning their bed this can improve their sleep patterns and concentration levels. There is a natural placement to furniture that allows us to feel safe and secure in our surroundings.

I have worked with many clients who were surrounded by clutter, claiming that it didn’t affect them, they were used to living like this.  Those same clients found it very difficult to make decisions, stay focused and organized.  Their life was in constant chaos. The truth is that what were exposed to and see everyday affects us on a subconscious level even if we don’t realize it.  A cluttered outer world creates a cluttered inner world and vice versa.

Feng Shui is not a quick fix, even though you may notice and feel changes right away, you must put in your own effort and do your work to help create the life you want.

Feng Shui can help you in many different areas in your life including easing major life events that may be occurring.  Here are just some of the ways Feng Shui can benefit your life.


  • Enhancing your prosperity, wealth and finances
  • Improved relationships, finding a partner, self love
  • Career advancements, promotions, new opportunities, improved work conditions
  • Increased business opportunities, cash flow, and new clients
  • Better health, mindset (mental and emotional) and overall wellness
  • New opportunities, connections, circle of friends, and resources
  • Family connections, and fertility
  • Increased motivation, inspiration, ability to make clear decisions, and energy
  • Ease in the process of selling, purchasing, or building a new home
  • Improved efficiency in dealing with contacts, legal documents, and paperwork
  • Aid in gaining knowledge, learning, decision making skills and academic skills
  • Help with creating an environment for children to learn, grow, and thrive
  • The feeling of security, calmness, and joy in your home
  • Improved and increased energy flow
  • Harmonization of your environment and space
  • Raise the vibration or energy of your home
  • Reduce the effects or stress, electromagnetic energy, negativity, irritants, arguments, disagreements, and friction, accidents, financial struggles, and costly home maintenance that may be occurring in the home.
  • Plus so many more benefits

“We listed our home 6 months ago and have had lots of foot traffic but no bites. I was visiting with Nicole and we were discussing my home, she felt it should have sold by now and asked if she could come over and see the house and if I’d be interested in her completing a Feng Shui consultation.  I jumped at the opportunity and we arranged for her to come the next day.

It took about three hours and I felt so excited to make the changes she recommended.  She provided me with a refreshing look at our home and recommended small changes like placement of things such as toaster ovens, lamps, furniture and explained each of the key areas to focus on with Feng Shui and their elements as well as suggestions to enhance each area such as colors and décor.  There were mostly subtle and easy changes to make and small items to shop for to enhance certain areas.  Of course I find shopping fun anyways, but shopping for this purpose I had a blast.

A few days later we had a showing request and from that showing a few days after that we had our very first offer to purchase.  Our home has opened up, feels more welcoming, inviting and warm.  It was truly an amazing experience for me and I’ve shared it with everyone that I know.  I couldn’t thank Nicole enough for all that she’s done with our home and allowing me to be a part of this wonderful experience.”

Update:  Tarra received an offer and sold her home within a month of our Feng Shui Consultation!

Tarra Scherger

“I will be the first to say that I was not the most familiar with the principles of Feng Shui, but what I did know was every time I walked into my home there was something missing. It wasn’t until I met Nicole did I have an understanding of what it entailed and decided to have her in for a consultation.

From the first moment I stepped into my home after Nicole had completed the consultation and the subtle changes she made I could feel a sense of peace and ease, a complete shift in energy throughout the entire house. Once I received a complete map of my home room by room, I started to arrange my environment accordingly her recommendations, I was literally amazed me was how quick I started to see transformations in all aspects of my life! Thank You Nicole.”

Dane Richardson

“I had done some previous clearing work with Nicole and even though I thought it put the house at a cleaner energy, it did not feel like I had made any difference for me in moving forward. I had always wanted to try feng shui in my house but was reluctant in case I did a poor job of it and ended up making the energy worse. I did not know a practitioner or how to find one I could trust to know what they were doing. When Nicole got excited about Fung Shui, I was excited because I knew her mindset and ethics.

I had the expectation that I would need to remodel my whole house to affect change but Nicole assured me that that would absolutely not be the case. She found most everything I needed within my own home and she just tweaked the places I had them set up in. We made 8 adjustments to where small things were sitting and most of that was done in my relationship and career spaces. Immediately after Nicole was done there was a low resonance hum in my house for about an hour. I didn’t notice the rest of the effects for the first few days but then several new sources business landed in my lap from several avenues, I settled into a nice routine for dinner time (previously a constant irritant for me), and my bedroom felt calmer. I also noticed that if I got lazy and did not keep my spaces clean, my life started to drift back into procrastination and chaos. If I put things away as they popped up, the energy kept flowing in a positive way whereby nothing seemed to be hard work. (I mean simple things, like leaving my basket of clean clothes by the closet instead of putting it away).

The biggest testament to the power of what Nicole has been able to do in our house was evidenced when my 29 year old son came home for a weekend about 3 weeks after she had been there and the first thing he said when he walked in the front door was “The house is different”. I found his comment fascinating because nothing in that part of my house was moved. Physically, the view from the front foyer was the same as it has been for years.

I continue to feel like the energy in my house is flowing with me instead of against me and that just makes me a happier me.

Coral Rose

“When I was asked if I wanted my house to be detoxed with Feng Shui, it scared me. I knew Nicole would be able to clear it and do the necessary things to make it better, but it scared me to find out what was ‘in my house’ that I was not aware of. My experience watching her work around my house (literally thru the inside and all around the outside) was interesting. It is weird to see what Feng Shui looks like. Feng Shui seemed to me something that should be felt in your subconscious and also speak to your subconscious. As she went around, I was curious and followed her. She explained what she was doing and finding along the way. Turned out it wasn’t scary at all! In fact, it was invigorating. The even better part was what I could do about her findings and it did not involve burning my house down (lol). Everything that had been an issue in our house, in our relationships (among my husband and myself and all the interactions with our 6 kids) seemed to be lingering even though it had passed. For example, we are a blended family, and ‘dealing with exes’ can be difficult and unforgiving at times. Crazy thing was, we were storing our court papers in our relationship space. Seriously?! Once that was cleaned up and placed in a different area, there was a formidable change in our communication. That was just one area. Everything has shifted in our house, how we talk to each other, how we feel when we are in the house, how the kids behave, the amount of clutter has decreased, and we are all getting more organized; to name a few things. I continue to work with Nicole on various other things because the amount of knowledge and worth she brings to her practice is really inspiring. I am no longer afraid of Feng Shui! It is like a gift that keeps on giving. The overall change of our house has been so refreshing and peaceful and I haven’t even carried out all the findings yet. I look forward to one day having total Feng Shui in my house. Nicole made this experience wonderful and I am super grateful.

Tara Tjepkema

“Nicole is extremely gifted in her ability to address and advise on what to do in a space for Feng Shui. We had our home and my personal office space revamped and immediately, people responded with a sense of comfort. Overall, it has balanced the energies in our home and in my office. Even a skeptic would notice a shift. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone looking to balance and improve their personal space. Because she is a practitioner of reiki as well, her focus on whole life balance is evident in her work and craft.

Danielle Perry