How Do You Find Your Purpose In Life?
Most people go through life without finding their purpose. Does it exist, even, or is it something that was planted in our minds when we were younger? You could go to school, get a job start earning enough money to spare some for a holiday and even get married without finding your true calling.

What is the purpose, anyway? Purpose can be defined in many ways, but we can simply say it something that makes life meaningful. You could be the very best at what you do, earning the most, but that doesn’t make that job your calling. What is the one thing you can do without complaining; the struggle you will go through with a smile? The thing that satisfies something so deep in your soul; that is your calling.

Listen and Learn
If you listen to ‘your life,’ it will tell you great stories. You will learn more about yourself than you will if you keep talking about your plans. Take some time off and reflect on what you have done and what you have accomplished, and then ask yourself what it added to your life. You will be effectively eliminating some things and in a way, uncovering the real source of your joy.

Do More
If you let your concerns hold you back, you may never get anything done. Start working on the things that scare you because one of them may be the one that eventually fulfills you. Stop asking yourself whether it will work out and instead, just get it done.

The Grind
When you eliminate several factors and find the one that you love (the one you are best at), you have to get to work. Finding it out is only the start, but you have to work on it to get better. You are not the only person with that calling, and so you will need to work hard to be at the top. When you get there, extend a hand to those who are afraid to fly.
Finding your purpose may not be so easy, but it clearer when you talk to someone who can lead you on the right path.