How to Find Your Purpose
Finding your purpose in life can be tricky. Maybe you have some ideas for the direction you want your life to go in, but you aren’t sure how to make it happen or determine if it’s your true purpose. Read further to find out some tips on how to find your purpose in life.

Find What Gives You Life
Finding your purpose begins by finding out what gives you life and energy. Try a few new things, volunteer at a few places. Once this is done, take note of what gives you energy and what you enjoy. How did you feel when you were doing the things you chose to do? Which ones made you feel a sense of purpose or direction? Whichever activity it was, go in that direction and find your purpose in that way. If you enjoy what you do, then your purpose will be found.

Share Your Story
We all have a story. And that all of our stories can help someone else if they are only allowed the chance to hear it. you never know who you can connect with or make a difference for just by sharing your life experiences. You can share your life in many ways, whether it be public speaking, volunteering somewhere that means something to you, or just sharing your life through those you meet.

Apply Your Strengths
Finally, everyone has strengths. Using your strengths and recognizing them is a great way to find your purpose. If this makes you uncomfortable or you aren’t sure where to start, start by listening to what others are saying about you. Others around you are better attuned to your strengths and will share them when you want to know what you are good at. Listening to what they appreciate and find you talented at will help you find your purpose.