How to Make the Most of Your Karma

Karma is a concept that originates from Eastern religious philosophies such as Hinduism and Buddhism. It essentially means to act. It is thought of as a cycle of memories, desire, and action. Every action creates either positive or negative results now or in the future. It is also the basis for the belief in reincarnation widely acknowledged in Eastern religious philosophies.

Karma is a cycle that repeats in a series of rebirths. This is a phenomenon that can affect your quality of life. To improve your spiritual and psychological well being you need to understand Karma and how to take advantage of it.

Pay Attention to Your Choices

The choices you make will determine the nature of the returning Karma. The returning Karma follows a path from action, memories, desire, then back to action. For example, if you remember having a certain brand of wine while on holiday, the memory invokes desire. Desire then leads to action. You need to understand how these cycles work in your life and specific situations. Then it becomes easier to identify and eliminate unhealthy habits.

Make Forgiveness a Habit

In the fast-paced modern world, we live in forgiveness is seen as a weakness. Perhaps because many people believe that you need to be tough to get ahead today. However, this comes from a misconception that forgiveness means leniency.

Forgiveness helps to break the negative chains of thought that are taking over your life. Scientists have shown through studies that forgiveness has a positive impact on your life. The returning karma invigorates your spiritual, physiological and psychological health.

Live a Purposeful Life

Focus on working towards your purpose. Don’t just think about it, take action. If you haven’t figured out what your purpose is, do good things that uplift you. Living your purpose is simply responding to our need to pursue a higher ideal. You can start by taking the time to help people by participating in a charity or course. There are many successful people today that believe pursuing their purpose re-energized them.