Ignite Your Purpose was created to help people gain the clarity they need to help them find themselves, what they want to do, achieve goals, and change anything in their life that is impacting it negatively. The creator, Nicole Michalski, created Ignite Your Purpose to help people that believed the way she did before, that she was not good enough and was undeserving of things. If you are struggling in your life and are not sure what to do anymore, then using the steps Nicole has created for you could lead you to the successful life you want.

1. Where are You and Where Do You Want to Go?

To get to where you want to be in your life, you must first understand where you are now. Typically, when someone begins to gain understanding on their life they start to find the negative beliefs that have been holding them back from achieving their goals.

2. Belief System Overhaul

At this point, you probably know what is holding you back and what you need to do to fix it but are continuing to procrastinate. This step will teach you how to overcome the problems behind your procrastination that include self-doubt, fear, and anxiety.

3. Deep Dive

This step will show you exactly what your dreams, goals,and aspirations are that can help you live a happier, fuller life. You will dive deep into questions that you have not been able to answer.

4. Positive Focus Tools and Turn arounds

You will spend a significant amount of time on this step creating positive reassurance, learning skills, and tools to help you succeed. This will help you to continue pushing towards your goals and not falling back into old habits.

5. Clarity on Your Goals, Vision, and Purpose

Step number five helps you create a plan that can help you achieve everything you have hoped for. You will review every goal, skill, passion, and knowledge to create this unbreakable plan.

6. Law of Attraction in Action

This step helps you understand what it truly takes to achieve your goals and is more than just stating positive of what you want.

7. Subconscious Enforcement and Patterning for Success

To succeed, you must continue to use these steps in a positive way through consistency and reinforcement. You want to create lasting results that help you get better and better.

8. Celebrate!

It is important to celebrate every successful milestone in your life whether it be minor or huge. Whether you fought hard or it came easy to you, celebrate the success.

Using the steps Ignite Your Purpose has created will put you on a path of happiness and prosperity throughout your life.