How Your Attitude Affects Your Altitude
Have you ever heard the phrase “your attitude affects your altitude”? This phase suggests that your attitude has a direct impact on how far you will go in life. For some, this may hold true and they are able to clearly see how this is possible, and for others, they cannot see the direct correlation within their own lives. Here we will connect the dots between attitude and altitude.

  • Think It – When you think about how horrible your life is or how bad you feel, that will have a direct result on how you see your life and the life around you. If you think and view your life as horrible your attitude will be completely different from someone who thinks their life is grand and filled with happiness. These two people will behave completely different.
  • Others Perception – For the most part, people will treat you a certain way based on their perception of your attitude. Having a negative attitude can cause you to not get that promotion you wanted, or not even get hired, where people are more likely to indulge the person who has a good attitude and provide them with what they are looking for.
  • Responding – Many times how you respond to life has a large effect on how you will move through it. If you get upset every time something doesn’t go your way and then you are rude to everyone until you feel better, you are going to have a bad attitude quite often in this world. However, if you respond to the ills of the world with a positive attitude, it will help you to persevere and see the silver lining in bad time which can propel you to the next level in life.

Sometimes people do not see the direct correlation in their attitude about life and where they are in life, but make no mistake there is a direct correlation, and the better your attitude about life, the further you will go in it.