Every living being comes with a purpose in life. The trees, the plants, and the birds and animals around us have a purpose. Similarly, every human being has come into the world with a specific purpose. The biggest irony is that while the other beings achieve their purpose, the humans invariably fail to do so. This may sound intriguing, but it is a fact. There is a specific reason behind this occurrence as well.

The human beings have the power of reasoning. This makes them look at the world around them and hence, mold themselves according to the ways of the world. In doing so, they miss the connection with the inner self or God. In trying to satisfy the world around them, they distance themselves from God as they forget the dreams they have as individuals. There is a need to rein back in and strive to travel on the set path. This will help to achieve the purpose for which one has taken birth in the world as a human being.

The “Ignite your Purpose” is all about making one realize the true purpose of their existence in life and finding ways to fulfilling the same. In order to find the right way, you need someone to guide you through the maze. Nicole can do it for you. She is a transformational coach helping people identify their objectives and helping them to achieve it. In this way, she creates a complete transformation of the self. The human being realizes that he/she does not have any control over the fruits of their actions. It depends on various extraneous circumstances over which the human does not have any control. This realization makes one do his/her duty to their greatest potential. In doing so, you stop brooding over the results. They will come automatically thereby bringing with it a sense of fulfillment in life.