Tips on How to Choose the Right Wine for Dinner

For wine connoisseurs, selecting the right wine to accompany their dinner can be easy, however, so the inexperienced individuals, it can be hard.  If you don’t want the waiter to recommend their choice of wine, you still can do it by learning a few tips.  Here are things to help you decide which wine you need when having dinner.

The Odd Idea

If you don’t know what will be on the menu for dinner, you can bring a wine like sparkling wine or champagne, that’s oddly enough but works well.  Many dishes tend to pair well with sparkling wine or champagne.  Or else, bring a wine that everyone is going to drink before having your dish.

Guest Preferences

Having red or white wine is like oranges to apples – these are completely different wines.  Some people like to start off with white wine as they munch on appetizers and mingle before having their dinner meal.  They then switch to red for their main course, but again, it depends on what they are having as the main course.  In the end, the personal preferences of the companions will determine what kind of wine they drink.

Red or White?

For red wine, Chardonnay offers great choice, it’s the most consumed wine in the U.S.  Whether you are having it rich and buttery or crisp and clean, chardonnay can impress your guests.  And, for the red, Pinot Noir is an ideal choice.  A bottle of Pinot Noir goes well if you like wines with much fruit.

Remember to ask your guests, you never know, they could have an idea of what you can have for dinner.  You also don’t want to choose a wine that won’t accommodate their taste.  Even a great wine may not work if a guest in your table doesn’t like it.  At Keegan Real Irish Pub, you can enjoy your dinner with your favorite wine and make your day.