Every person born in this world comes with a mission to achieve. However, the main issue is the lack of awareness of the mission. We mold our lives based on our surroundings, our limited knowledge, and the opinions of those near and dear to us. In the process, the mission for which we were born languishes somewhere deep inside us.

It does rear its head up occasionally. However, the lack of awareness on our part subdues it almost immediately. How do we solve this issue? The only way to do so is to transform ourselves. We need a person to guide us on the right path. This is the concept of the ‘Guru’.

The word ‘Guru’ is a combination of the syllables, ‘gu’ and ‘ru’. This symbolizes the dispelling of darkness. Hence, the Guru is the person who helps us to dispel the darkness within us. Once you are able to do so, you can see the light within you. This can enable you to think in the right way and achieve your mission. This is the transformation that Nicole talks about in her book, ‘Get My 5 Daily Practices that Changed my Life’.

If you look at it closely, she talks about a transformation and not a change. One should understand the subtle difference between a transformation and a change. When you change something, you do so with respect to the past. You constantly compare it with the past. Thus, you do not let go of your past at any stage in your life. However, when you transform, you execute a complete changeover without having any connection to your past. Nicole talks about this transformation that can help you achieve your mission.
On undergoing this transformation, you understand your priorities and hence are able to focus your energy towards achieving them in life. This is the right time to do it.